Quote #10: On the not-so-sad death of Trumpcare

The real issue that Republicans have with Obamacare is not the increases in premiums and deductibles nor that insurance companies are leaving the market; it is that they are ideologically opposed to government-provided Healthcare. But, unfortunately for them, the general population loves the idea of healthcare being a right; which leaves them in a particularly difficult position where they can’t risk simply repealing it, or they would incense their own voters to the point where they’d probably take a bigger L than the Golden State Warriors in the midterm elections. In a sense, the Republican party is in political limbo, divided between those who are reluctantly faithful to their Obamacare and their constituents for the sake of their political careers; and those who are religiously faithful to their ideology and their billionaire donors.


Quote #9: On Trumpcare, and Mr. Paul Ryan

Yes Paul. In health insurance, healthy people pay for the sick. The same way that in a casino, the people who lose pay for the people who win. The same way that for lottery, the people who don’t win pay for the people who win the jackpot.