Quote #9: On Trumpcare, and Mr. Paul Ryan

Yes Paul. In health insurance, healthy people pay for the sick. The same way that in a casino, the people who lose pay for the people who win. The same way that for lottery, the people who don’t win pay for the people who win the jackpot.




Quote #7: On the use of calling the media ‘fake’

If you can’t trust official government statistics, or independent statistical services, the outlets most likely to be truthful and objective; you can’t trust anything. Everything becomes distorted; each one of us can make up his or her own facts. As a result, what’s true doesn’t depend on fact anymore, but rather on the opinion that is held by the most people; on the opinion of the one who yells the loudest; or on the opinion of the one with the most influence.

So if Donald Trump can make it seem as though the media’s facts and stats can’t be trusted, he can create a world where everything he does is good for his country; where he can convince his nation that he isn’t the one to blame when things go wrong; or that the majority of Americans love him.