Quote #8: On The Donald’s “locker room talk, as 2017’s March for Women approaches

It goes without saying that men tend to make inappropriate, insensitive, and chauvinistic sexual comments about women. However, Trump’s “Grab her by the p***y”comments are far worse. Because as severely uncouth and offensive as men can be when talking about women; men do not joke about sexual assault. And what is even more deplorable in Trump’s case; what makes this comparison a case of false equivalency, is that Trump wasn’t joking.


Quote #7: On the use of calling the media ‘fake’

If you can’t trust official government statistics, or independent statistical services, the outlets most likely to be truthful and objective; you can’t trust anything. Everything becomes distorted; each one of us can make up his or her own facts. As a result, what’s true doesn’t depend on fact anymore, but rather on the opinion that is held by the most people; on the opinion of the one who yells the loudest; or on the opinion of the one with the most influence.

So if Donald Trump can make it seem as though the media’s facts and stats can’t be trusted, he can create a world where everything he does is good for his country; where he can convince his nation that he isn’t the one to blame when things go wrong; or that the majority of Americans love him.